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Hymenochirus boettgeri eggs
little black specs are the eggs!

Raising Hymenochirus tadpoles is very hard to do. As young tadpoles they are very delicate and difficult to raise. Conditions must be near perfect and you will still lose many along the way.
Temperature for tadpoles should be kept high, between 77-81 F and the pH should be high as well, between 7.4-8.0. Any pH spike or drop will kill the tads, it must remian stable.
Water changes must be done carefuly. Using large aquariums 10 gallons and up to raise the tadpoles is a better idea. Replace water as it evaporates and use a turkey baster to remove waste.
Hymenochirus tads are so teeny that you need to feed them a liquid diet such as liquifry. And when they get a touch bigger they need to eat live cultured foods such as newly hatched baby brine shrimp larva. Also, dwarf frog tadpoles are some of the only tadpoles in the world who activly hunt their food! (most others are filter feeders like xenopus tadpoles)

Read a day-by-day breeding log to see what is involved when attempting to raise Hymenochirus tadpoles

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