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How Long Do They Live?
I have heard that they can live around 20 years in captivity and sometimes longer! A good guess is that the average lifespan is around 15 years. I had a frog that was 9 years old, she passed away to an unknown illness. If well cared for these frogs will be a long lived companion.

Xenopus Laevis
measuring a frog

Xenopus Laevis Froglet
3 weeks old

xenopus laevis "Wonder"
my largest female, 9 years old

Newly morphed Xenopus froglets
copyright Aqualand Petsplus LA PIC

SHEDDING of skin
Once every 1-2 weeks your frog will shed it's skin. It will appear as a transparent film hanging off its body. Then your frog will kick at its head a few times to remove the skin. Usually when this happens the frog eats the skin. It is a fast process lasting less then a minute and sometimes you may never see your frog shed. Sometimes frogs wont eat their skin and you will find a thin filmy substance stuck on tank decorations. This is the skin that was shed so just remove it from the tank and throw it away.

Shed Skin
Usually skin is consumed, but sometimes you find it stuck in tank decorations

How Big Do They Get?
  • Males will reach 2-3 inches SVL (snout vent legnth, not inluding legs)
  • Females will reach 4-5 inches SVL and sometimes bigger!
It takes them about 7-12 month to reach full size from froglet stage. Water quality, correct diet and tank size encourages proper growth. Poor diet, too small a tank and/or overcrowding and unclean water can cause stunting in their growth and other problems such as bone deformities, illness and even death.

Female Xenopus Laevis

Male Xenopus Muelleri

Male Xenopus Laevis

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