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This is a tribute page to frogs who have passed on or are still here. Either way they have been loved and touched someone's heart. If you have a picture of your frog and a short story to tell, please email them to me and I will post your picture here.

Email me a picture and short story about your frog

Xenopus Laevis

This is Yoda who passed on to an unknown illness a few weeks ago. She was very much loved and spoiled and is greatly missed. This was the last picture taken of her, and she smiled for it. She is waiting patiently for her "human mom" over the rainbow bridge.

"Clappy" xenopus laevis
Gravity? What gravity? I believe I can FLY!

"Snappy" xenopus laevis
We are flintstone frogs! 10 million strong........and growing.....

Snappy and Clappy are very loved and spoiled. They have silurana tropicalis sibblings named Silly and Happy. Snappy used to be really shy when he made the move into the big tank. But with the help of outgoing Clappy, they are both doing just great!

Pricilla the ACF

Oliver and Eb
Oliver is on the right and Eb is on the left. These two males sometimes like eachother TOO much, hah

Bonnie (pigmented) and Peaches (albino)

These frogs both fought valiantly against their failing health, and they are now swimming in a giant lake across Rainbow Bridge...

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