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Introduction to African Dwarf Frogs
African Dwarf Frog Housing and Feeding
African Dwarf Frog size and lifespan
African Dwarf Frog Sexing and Breeding
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Species of the African Dwarf Frog
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     Class: Amphibians
             Order: Salientia or Anura
Family: Pipidae
          Genus: Hymenochirus
           Species: boettgeri, etc.
          Hymenochirus boettgeri
           Hymenochirus boulengeri
      Hymenochirus curtipes
Hymenochirus feae

In 1924 herpetoligists classified Hymenochirus curtipes and Hymenochirus boettgeri into two diffrent groups. Each had differing characteristics and requirements in the Congo regin. In 1959 a third species of dwarf frog was discovered, the Hymenochirus boulengeri. But by 1962 this species was considered to be just a crossbreed of the H. curtipes and the H. boettgeri.
Some people today don't think the H. curtipes exists or has ever existed. But they do! Most H. curtipes today probably do have a little bit of H. boettgeri in them from being mass produced for the pet trade. But everyonce in awhile you will stumble across a dwarf frog and think "what is that! It looks so diffrent from all the others!" That is probably an H. curtipes with very stong characteristics.

Hymenochirus curtipes

Hymenochirus curtipes

Hymenochirus curtipes Characteristics
  • Larger then the H. boettgeri in all aspects (longer, chubbier, etc)
  • No spots on the body
  • Color is solid grey to pale tan
  • skin is "wartier"and bumpier looking
  • Head is flat and broad, eyes looking more forward then an H. boettgeri

Read an article about a Hymenochirus Curtipes Breeding Program

Hymenochirus boulengeri
female (Shulk)

Hymenochirus boulengeri
female (Shulk)

Hymenochirus boulengeri Characteristics (H. Curtipes/H. Boettgeri cross)

  • A touch larger then the H. boettgeri or may be the same size, but looks thicker or chubbier in the body.
  • Very little spots on the body, usually has a few
  • Color is toned down and paler, tan body with grey spots
  • skin can be of any texture
  • They look not quite like an H. curtipes and not quite like an H. boettgeri

Hymenochirus bottgeri
female (Lola)

Hymenochirus boettgeri Characteristics

  • Small and Skinny with a thin/narrow body
  • Thin legs and arms
  • Very narrow head with pointed snout, eyes directly on sides of head
  • Color can be any variety, but mostly is light brown and covered with teeny dark brown spots.
  • Skin is smooth looking with a little bit of bumpy texture on their sides



curtipes VS. boettgeri

The picture to the left shows the comparison between Hymenochirus curtipes and Hymenochirus boettgeri. The curtipes is a female and the boettgeri is a light colored male (Charlie).
All the frogs pictured here are taken from my African Dwarf Frog colony. Please do not use these pictures unless you ask permission first. PLEASE email me first for permission to use these pictures.

If you are interested in obtaining the rare Hymenochirus curtipes please contact me. I am now working with a supplier who is specalizing in breeding back the Hymenochirus cutripes! These are large (larger then the typical dwarf frog found in petstores, but still a dwarf frog), chubby, grey frogs with or without small spots. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one. I have adults male/female sexed available.

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