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The African Dwarf Frog and the Betta
Since the rise of the "Betta Vase", the African Dwarf Frog has been subject to these conditions as well.  Many people are now keeping dwarf frogs with bettas. These two species can make good tank mates for each other but they both have diffrent requirements. As long as their needs are met then they should coexist together with no problems.
If keeping Dwarfs and Bettas together please make sure of the following :
  • Dwarfs are shy and gentle creatures. They become even more shy living with fish (especially bettas, compared to the dwarf they are big fish for them to live with!). Make sure they have plenty of hiding spots and "caves" to retreat too if they feel threatened. They also may be in hiding a majority of the time too, since dwarfs see large fish as predators. (How would you feel if you had to share a cell with a hungry lion? I bet you'd like a terra cotta pot to hide in)
  • Dwarfs are passive eaters. A Betta will finish off the dwarf's food even before they have a chance to find it. Please make sure your dwarfs are getting their share. And remember, dwarfs are frogs, not fish, they will not eat those betta pellets, they need their own food.
  • Some dwarfs and bettas can live together in perfect harmony for years and never have a problem. Other times a male betta can be very aggressive and start to nip at the dwarfs and chase them around. If you see this behavior from your betta please separate the frogs and fish as soon as possible. This betta has an overly aggressive nature and is not suitable to share his tank with any other creature.

A large majority of the time Bettas and African Dwarf Frogs will make great tank mates. As long as you make sure their individual needs are met and there is no aggression then there shouldn't be any problems.

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