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Xenopus have a wide variety of pigmentation
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Albino frogs come in a varitey of shades. The eye color can be from pale pink, deep red to dark purple and inbetween.
  • Golden albinos have a yellowish tint to their skin
  • True albinos are a creamy white/pink color
  • Reticulated albinos have pigmentation in red, purple and yellow but are still albino.


Pigmented frogs can be any shade of black, brown, green, tan and grey. They can have large marbled markings or small specks of diffrent colors. Some can even appear to be a solid color. They all have milky white undersides and their eye color can range from light brown, copper, amber and dark brown.


This is a very rare coloration. It is when a pigmented frog lacks color in certain areas of its body. Piebald xenopus are worth lots of money, so if you have any let me know! :)


These frogs are characterized by having blue eyes. Their bodies can be very pale white or have some form of diluted pigmented color. These frogs are equally as rare. They are NOT a form of albinism. *the frog listed as a leusitic below is an example of what one would look like*


Xenopus Laevis "Apollo"

Xenopus Laevis
Golden Albino on the left, Reticulated Albino on the right

"Dozer" albino Xenopus
Speckled Froglet

The speckled froglet pictured above has some sort of pigmentation but is clearly an albino. I am unsure if this is a form of reticulation or if it is something completely diffrent. I only know of two cases of a froglet such as this. This froglet, "Dozer" and my previous froglet, "Spot" both had this speckled pattern. But the speckled pattern fades completely upon sexual maturity (unsure if it is related) usually around 4-6 months. Both frogs have since lost any evidence of a pattern. The pictures I have of "Spot" did not come out clear enough to be posted here, but are available.

Xenopus Laevis

Xenopus Laevis "Willow"
nice grey speckled female

Xenopus Laevis "Yoda"
beautiful black and brown marbled ACF

Xenopus Laevis
Reticulated Albino

Xenopus laevis
reticulated albino

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