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Please join the FroggyFriends discussion group on the home page. The active members will assist you in finding the closest area for your frog. Thanks!


None available at this time. Please inquire with the rescue below for other frogs available, or to give up your frog on the east coast.

These frogs have all been adopted and placed into new, loving homes. With the help of this website and the online Yahoo discussion group, Froggy Friends, these adoptions might not have been possible. But most importantly, if it wasn't for the volunteers who have a passion for these frogs then they might not have gotten a second chance. A huge thanks to everyone who helped get these frogs into forever homes.
* A special thanks to Mac Cardwell for donating 30.00 to the ACF Rescue and Adoption Center! Just in time for the holidays and helped to get the two foster frogs, Big-Clock and Swimmy, a special christmas treat and to raise awareness for a new home! Thanks so much!
*a super-huge thanks to Jim for donating 50.00 to the ACF Rescue and Adoption Center! His thoughtfulness could not have come at a better time, because another frog was in need of shipping to a foster home. His donation was able to cover the cost of shipping. We thank you!
*a special thanks to Diana for donating 25.00 to the ACF Rescue and Adoption Center! The frogs are so thankful to know there are such caring and wonderful people in the world.
*a special thanks to Lisa for donating 5.00 in memory of Lulu to the ACF Rescue and Adoption Center. These frogs need rescuing as much as any other animal, and we at the adoption center are so thankful for such caring people in the world.

If you can not adopt or foster a frog but still want to help the ACF rescue then consider a donation! Every penny goes toward their care and matience. The most important items the rescue needs are replacement filters, activated carbon and zeolite, floating pelleted food mixes, aquarium salt, stress coat and koizyme! Your donation helps make African Clawed Frog Rescue and Adoption available to any frog who needs a second chance. Thank you for considering a donation.

African Clawed Frogs that were given a second chance due to rescue and adoption!

  • Swimmie and Big-Clock, sisters, have been adopted into a wonderful home as a class pet for 4th graders at a private school for the gifted. They continue to amuse their youngest fans with their antics and friendly begs at the surface for food.


  • Cutie has been adopted to a wonderful forever home! He lives in a big tank with many frog siblings, including Barret and Browning (listed below). A big special thanks to Jaclyn to chosing adoption again!


  • Happy has finally made it to his forever home! He was adopted by a wonderful woman named Lisa and lives in a tank with 3 frog brothers. His new home was well worth the wait.


  • Barret and Browning have now arrived at their new forever home! They have been adopted by Jacyln and are now living in a 40 gallon tank with 3 other frog siblings. These two frogs are so thankful that there are wonderful people out there willing to give them a second chance.


  • Peanut and Snookers have found a wonderful home with Joanna. They even have a new frog sister named Kelly! They are so happy to have finally found their forever home, and never have to be put back in a shipping box again :)
  • SHELBY was the ACF stuck in the fish bowl for 5 years. She has been adopted and given a wonderful home and a name :) Thank you Rob for opening your home to a frog in need.


  • SURFER has been adopted by a wonderful woman in NY. He warmed up to his new surroundings almost instantly. He sings all the time and eagerly takes food from his new "frog mom's" fingers. He even lets her hold him! This was a match made in heaven, and is what rescuing and rehoming frogs is all about. A large thanks to Connie for welcoming Surfer into her family!


  • CHUKU has been adopted into a great home! He lives in a spacious 60 gallon tank with new froggy brothers and sisters. I am so glad that he made it to a forever loving home. Thanks so much Cathey for adding him to your frog family!

Blyn is now in his new home in NC, with his big sister Nadi, a reticulated albino

Misty the frog from NYC
"Froggie", now renamed Misty, has gone to her new home in Queens with three other froggy siblings

This frog has been adopted into a wonderful home and is now living with 3 other frog siblings.

This frog is now placed in a wonderful, loving home and everyone is so happy!

Do to the neglectful situations some of these frogs have had to live in, I have just a few requirements for potential adopters to meet.
  1. Must not keep more then one frog in a 10 gallon tank
  2. Please don't raise any eggs created by adopted frogs, due to the huge, unwanted pet population why make more? 
  3. There is a 5 dollar adoption fee for each frog. This goes directly into the rescue or foster families for food and supplies to help keep the tanks running and the frogs fed.
  4. If for any reason you can't keep the frog you must return him/her back to me or the foster family who was caring for the frog.
  5. Before any adoption is final you must send me a picture (email or snail mail) of the tank the adopted frog will live in.
  6. All adopted frogs must live in the company of at least one other frog in a FROG ONLY tank. (no fish or community tanks)


If you are not within driving distance of the frogs I will ship the frogs as weather permits. Shipping is Overnight Express 20.00 for adults, or Priority Mail 7.00 for froglets. During extreme weather conditions shipping prices may vary. I charge 2.50 for a 60 hour heat pack and 3.00 for a cool pack.


Included with your frogs will be an Adoption Certificate, Personal Frog Story and Owners Pledge that you will sign. All adoption fees go directly to the rescue to help feed, maintain and transport all rescue and foster frogs.

If you would like to adopt a frog please fill out the Adoption Form below and click on the submit button only once. Please include:

  • Your name and why you want to adopt a particular frog
  • Tank size the frog will be living in
  • names, ages and sizes of current frogs
  • matience routine
  • feeding routine
  • email

Thank you for considering adoption of African Clawed Frogs!

Foster Parents Needed!
I am in desprate need of people willing to foster a frog or two. If you have extra room in your tank and have the money to feed another little monster please contact me and I will put you on the foster parent list. This helps get frogs into better homes nation (and world) wide!
UK Foster Homes
Chris can foster unwanted frogs in the UK (postage must be paid in full or half)
USA Foster Homes
Colorado - Denver/Lakewood area
Kansas- Wichita
New Jersy
New Mexico - Las Vegas
New York - New York City
New York
Ohio - New Phila/Dover
South Carolina
Washington state
CANADA foster homes
Brittish Columbia
West Bank
Life throws curve balls sometimes so I understand. If you feel you can no longer care for you African Clawed Frog or African Dwarf Frog and you would like to place him in a safe and loving home feel free to contact me and I will help you out as best as I can. Look at the lists of foster areas and find a place that is closest to where you are located. People living in those areas are willing to take in a frog and care for it until a home can be found.


Please check back to this page. I update it frequently and get new frog listings in all the time.

IDICACF (C) 2006